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At Results Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, we provide a variety of physical therapy and rehabilitative techniques that deliver real RESULTS to ease pain, improve mobility, maximize physical functionality and prevent future injuries.

We administer expert services for patients seeking Physical Therapy services in the Greater Brewer, Dexter and Dover-Foxcroft areas. Our individualized programs include rehabilitation, post-operational, Sports Medicine, preventative and other physical therapies. We can even help all of you "Weekend Warriors" that have a tendency to over-do it from time to time. Most of our services are insurance reimbursable. Some require a physician's prescription but many do not! In the State of Maine physical therapists have Direct Access, which means physical therapists can treat patients without a physician's prescription. We only need a physician referral for certain insurance companies (mostly Federally Funded) to pay for our services. Call us or stop by and we will call your insurance company and check for you!

Results Physical Therapy and Wellness Center is not only for those currently experiencing physical injuries, pain or disease. It is a viable health regimen for people of all ages to improve overall physical health, prevent future injuries and minimize loss of movement caused by aging.

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Physical TherapyChoosing your physical therapist is as important as choosing your doctor.

Physical therapy centers vary greatly in their approach to disease and rehabilitation.

A friendly, professional staff with one-on-one care is also important.

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